Cowboy Mustache was hired by Los Angeles based production company, American Chainsaws, to create a graphics package and 3D character models for two wild and woolly monsters shows: Mountain Monsters and Alaska Monsters, for Discovery Channel owned Destination America.  In addition to the title sequence, and map graphics, each episode focused on a different monster. Cowboy Mustache was required to create a unique visualization for each episodes monster and also a 3D rendering of the physical traps that were built in an attempt to capture the creature. 

Cowboy Mustache received very basic guidelines for each episodes creature: size, weight, color, body style, and when possible reference images that were in line the producers had in mind.  A very high level of trust was given to Cowboy Mustache to bring to these monsters to life.  Almost 40 episodes and multiple million views later, the collaboration has proved to be an overwhelming success.